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Serving the New River Valley since 1972. 

We carry just about anything you need for just about any project you have.  We have a 3-ton excavator, skid steer, trencher, woodchipper and a variety of other equipment for small to medium construction jobs or home repair and improvement projects. 


Where to Begin

Each Event Season, we deliver, set up, and take down hundreds of tables and thousands of chairs. 

Additionally, our customers will pick up and do our job for us.  To you, we offer a heartfelt Thank You, because sometimes Our Events Team is not only booked to the max but they are just tired.

And it's easy to think, "eh, tables and chairs".  But, if we stop for a moment and think; where would all the people sit and where would they put their food and/or elbows?  Lest we not forget phones!


When planning your event, start with the number of people you expect to attend (number of chairs) and we will help with the math (number of tables and size of the canopy).

Now, you have a surface for butts, food, phones, purses, a coat hanger, party decor.....

Contact us for a quote and make that reservation.




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